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I am thankful to The Jockey Club for providing me this opportunity to connect with you and raise important issues that affect the integrity of our sport.

I have been in the horse racing business all my adult life (click here for a link to my biography), including 25 years as the executive director of the Indiana Horse Racing Commission. One of the first pieces of advice given to writers is, “Write what you know about.” So that’s what I’ll do.

I intend to fill this space with commentary on regulatory action and inaction, both good and bad, and also some head-scratching decisions that will have you thinking, “What the hell!” In addition to my opinion pieces, you will also find interviews, and when racing commissions go to court, I’ll likely have something to say about that, too.

If something pressing happens in the racing industry, I will try to address it immediately. Otherwise, I'll post a blog a few times a month, usually on Mondays or Thursdays. However, look for my first blog tomorrow, July 17.

As these issues are raised, I’d like to hear from you. What do you think?

Please provide your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

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  • Might the incompetence and complicity of the WVRC and Mountaineer in choosing to not hold Burton Sipp accountable to their “anti-slaughter” policy (when he sold at least two of his racehorses to a kill buyer at the November 3 Lolli Bros. horse auction) be an issue that deserves attention? - I’m certain any horse unfortunate enough to be in his stable would whinny a resounding “YES!” Contact me if you’d like the details.
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